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Event Logistics, Inc.

Mission Statement
Our Vision
Event Logistics, Inc. began offering high quality planning expertise to discriminating clients in 1994.  We provide reliable, individualized meeting, event planning and specialty marketing services worldwide that enhance the programs and reputations of our clients.  Our goal is to become a vital component of each client’s overall marketing efforts.

Our Philosophy
Based as we are in Nashville, we take creativity and innovation into consideration with every program we develop.  Every customer’s needs, goals and marketing programs are unique.  So our job is to listen, to understand those singular needs, and then develop customized meeting, corporate event and marketing services that dovetail with each client’s strategic objectives.

Our staff thrives on the creativity involved in customizing programs and events to our clients’ needs.  We want everything to be new and different, exciting and outrageous.  In this industry, we are constantly battling the “seen it” phenomenon, and one of our tenets is to present something with enough innovation to keep people talking.  For our part, the most interesting aspect of planning is the endeavor to offer utterly novel and thoroughly enjoyable programs and events for our clients.

Our Promise
We promise to fulfill - or surpass – your expectations, applying our experience and resources to make your event  and meeting stand out from those of your competitors.  We promise that the program we develop will reflect your goals and objectives.

Finally, we promise to have fun implementing your program. It is our mission to ensure you feel like a guest at your own event. We make it as hassle-free for you as we can
and we’ll work to fully achieve your expectations and goals.

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