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Who We Are

Management Team

We're not your typical group.  Event Logistics consists of a core group of individuals, each possessing creative talent in various disciplines. For one price you receive a great deal more value.  We each function in many different roles providing synergy and cost effectiveness for our clients. 

Every member of our team is always accessible to you, no layers to go through. You speak directly to the source you need, when you need them. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day during each operational program.  We will give you the after hours home and cell phone numbers of each staff person working on your event.

Meeting and Event Coordinators

Our Meeting and Event coordinators are some of the most hands on people during a program or meeting.  They spend a lot of time with your staff and attendees and
consequently, they must be perfect.

Event Logistics, Inc. handpicks a team of on-site coordinators matched to your
programs needs.  Coordinators arrive prior to the meeting and / or event to reconfirm program components with all vendors, prepare for the arrival of your guests and attendees and will remain with you to the full and successful conclusion of your program.

Tour Guides

Every tour is informative, funny, interesting, and conducted in the most gracious of manners.  Our tour guides know the history of Nashville backwards and forwards, and not only the formal history but also the juicy gossip that has slithered along behind the scenes.  Our guides are always aware and alert to the vibe of the group, and will customize the tours to your guest’s particular interests.

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